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Welcome to Heeradhya

Heeradhya is a food company dedicated to create a healthy and sustainable farm to fork ecosystem

Our Solutions

Precision Farming

Agro Input management to increase average yields, compared to traditional cultivation techniques.

Livestock Management

Real-time health monitoring of live stock to improve farm productivity and establish sustainable & safe food supply.

Food Processing Automation

Automate repetitive tasks to ensure food quality and improve profitability.

Farm-Market Linkage

Smart Food Supply Chain Management to Reduce Food Wastage and create more value for Farmer, businesses and consumer.

Non Destructive Food Testing

Real-time scans in farm to fork chain to detect food adulteration/infestation and ensure food product safety.

Waste to Wealth

IOT-based food waste management ecosystem.

Our Customers


  • Improved farmer income
  • Access to smart technology
  • Efficient market for their produce
  • Quick Payment

Retail Store

  • Access to Quality Produce
  • Directly Sourced from Farm
  • Smart Retail Solutions
  • Great Pricing


  • 100% Safe & Traceable Produce
  • Delivered at Doorstep
  • Great Savings on Input Cost


  • Convenient & On-Time Delivery of raw materials
  • Improved Revenue
  • Reduce Food Wastage


  • One shop solution
  • Better Quality Food
  • Zero Food Wastage
  • Great for Environment

Our Blogs

Revealing technology trends & mysteries of Heeradhya's healthy ecosystem

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