Heeradhya is a food company dedicated to create a healthy and sustainable farm to fork ecosystem. We seek to improve the quality of food grown by producers, create a robust farm-market linkage and food technology systems to deliver fresh, healthy food to the consumer and minimize food wastage in the system by adopting latest trends and technologies and data intelligence tools.

We wish to empower producer groups by increasing their incomes by creating an efficient linkages and additional income streams by providing support in terms of food technology, improve efficiency in the food system by adopting smart logistic systems and provide food traceability and transparency to the end consumer thereby ensuring the food grown is healthy and provide right nutritional value.


To build a sustainable farm to fork ecosystem, help producers across the globe earn a stable income, minimize food wastage, reduce hunger and poverty and deliver nutrition-packed wholesome food on the consumer’s plate.


Build a robust and transparent food system by incorporating leading-edge technologies and data intelligence and produce healthy and nutritious food for the world.

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